Hey guys I was wondering if anyone has any experience or maybe know of someone with any on this product.…9S-C-m&vxp=mtr

Im building an LSV and I’m wanting to add more insurance for those high revs (not that I will always beat on it but I love to lol) all I have been able to find on girdles for lsv on forums have been gsr girdles and maybe one ARP Kit they have out there and I don’t feel like adding to the shop fee for that line bore if I went with the gsr girdle and arp is pretty pricey. For the bottom end set up I have 82mm Pistons, H beam rods, with arp studs, and I’m going with king bearings and all seals OEM. any info would be great.
Thanks guys.

Well I decided to order this item and test it out I have everything else that I need to be able to use this product witch includes GSR main studs (I got an ARP set) then the GSR oil pick up and the windage tray. I suppose I’ll update when I install it and I’ll probably also upload my build with pics why not.