Glad the site is back!

Really glad to see G2IC back. I bought my 1st DA in 03 after joining the Army. I’ve been a member since around that same time. Back when the internet was super fun to be on (sarcasm) and there weren’t any smart phones. The forums here helped me more than I can express. My 1st DA was an electrical nightmare and constantly had problems. It was me and my wifes only car and it was all i could do to keep it running. I still have that car but its been broke down for years after i blew the head gasket on the way to a car show. That car had become my wifes show hoe, back when we were all doing body kits and where it was all show and no go. I have another DA thats all stock but still has APC rims. But sadly, shes broke down too. Some over heating gremlin problem. Anyways, sorry to be long winded. Now that the sites back maybe I’ll find something on here to help me out.

This place is a gold mine even going years back to finding the culprit for those heating issues. Thanks for posting!