GOD DAMN TEG! OverHeating problem!!

I can’t believe it. This damn car is giving me a headache. It just keeps overheating! THe gauge just shoots right over no matter what! I had the switch replaced for the fan and the thermostat as well. What the hell am I going to do now? As I was driving home tonight, it just shot up again like always…but this time I put the heat on full and pushed the window defogger switch and it went down a little bit. Do you think it’s my radiator? I’m puzzled!

yes it is … its not fun when ur in traffic, huh?

i replaced the whole damn thing. might cost a little, i forgot how much i paid… but its worth it.

could try replacing the rad cap. Supposedly the seal can deform from being overheated and it stops applying the pressure.


Have you checked for a blown head gasket?

It’s either your radiator is leaking or your head gasket is blown :frowning:

did you replace your thermostat?

ya try a new radiator cap. 7bucks. are you not losing radiator fluid? you didnt mention that… if you’re not, your thermostat may not be reopening to let the fluid flow after your engine is heated up.

what are the signs of a blown head gasket?

i just had the same overheating problem. just so happened all it was was a cracked rubber hose…is it leaking at all? my fix ended up costing me $1.00.

Its probably your hoses…Always diagnose problems starting from the common ones…I switched my thermostat for nothing, changed my upper/lower radiator hose for nothing. Only to find out it was one of them prebent LITTLE hoses that run through the whole cooling cycle. In the manual, youll know what im talking about…its near the intake manifold and its a major bitch to get off and put on if you dont have prebent ones…i just bought the 3/8’s hose and kinked it REALLY little…didnt affect it all

to chek if ur headgasket is leaking try chekin ur oil to cee if there is any antifreeze in there(this is a simple way and cheap). or clean the engine bay to see if ur losing any antifreeze anywhere, hoses cracked radiator, by pass hoses, and see if when u put the thermostat in is the housing seepin any fluids???give it a try and see what u come up with

try taking the rad cap off and if it is full of radiator fluid start it. If it starts gushing out like it is being pushed by something like maybe engine compression then you have a direct leak between the cylinder and the coolant passages. also check the oil. and check for coolant loss elsewhere.

I just ran through the same problem over the past week. First I changed my thermostat. It ran fine for a day then went up again. Always check my drive way for leak but none. It turned out that it was my heater hoses leaking while i was driving therefore never leaving a puddle.

PS Whens the next meet bro, being that the winter has been so warm.

where do you get pre-bent ones? i didnt see any at pep boys.

also, they only had hoses labeled for fuel injection and none specifically for radiators. are those ok?

just do what i did…go to a REAL auto parts store (sometimes, like this one apparently, pep boys doesn’t count ;)) and tell them you need raddy hoses for a (insert year here) integra. it may take 'em a day to get 'em in if they dont have 'em in stock…but they should be able to get 'em. lemme know if they dont i’ll get you some and you can pay me later. :slight_smile: They should only be around 20 bucks or so for the pair (upper and lower). Also double-check to make absolutely sure you’re not losing any rad. fluid. Since you’re gonna have hoses off to replace them, might as well replace your thermostat (mine was 7 bucks) and it’s only another like 10 minutes. good luck…

MY friend, you just may be in luck!

I had a 90 Dodge Dynasty. All, please forgive me! Anyway, it was heating up like a “sum bits”. So, after working on it myself, it turned out that the waterpump went out. As a result of the waterpump going out, some oil seals located near the waterpump started to leak, causing oil to leak all over the belts in the general area, especailly the timing belt (pain in the a$$ belt to replace). So, because oil was all over the belts, the rubber timing belt snapped on me. The mixture of oil and heat was too much for belts. Well, I got all this fixed for my Dynasty for around $800. Then a week later I bought a used 93 Integra LS for 2,000. Well, I noticed yesterday that it was overheating and the car was running sluggish. When looking under the hood, I noticed that there was some oil on my belts, and also on the inside top of my hood, near the belts on the right side of motor. The car looked low on water so, i filled it up, went inside, and let the car run for about 10 mins. so that the water would enter the engine. Came back outside and all the coolant was on the driveway. So, I took the car to my trusty mechanic and asked him to look at the car. I knew for sure, after looking at it myself, that the radiator and hoses were not leaking.

The mechanic told me that the water pump went out. The reason why I mentioned the Dynasty earlier is because this is a similar issue.

My integras waterpump went out, the oil seal i mentioned before started leaking, oil got all over my belts, because the oil got on belts, the belts sling the oil on the top inside hood.

Im betting your waterpump went out. If the waterpump went out, then get your timing belt replaced as well. The timing belt will be around $40-$60 more, just for the part. When getting to the waterpump, they have to take the timing belt off first to get to it, so if you get both done, they can only charge you labor for 1 so, you save money in the long run

If you dont get the timing belt done, and it breaks a week later because of the oil that is all over it, then your mechanic will charge you the same labor, you just paid for the waterpump. TRUST me, get both done. The ballpark price to get the above fixed, according to my mechanic is between $560-$600.

This includes waterpump, timing belt, oil seals, misc. belts and LABOR.

Heres what you should do.
Put coolant in your car, let it run for about 5-10 mins.
Water leaking?
Look at your belts to right of motor. See any oil?

If you see this, then I would bet on Waterpump.

I know I wrote a lot, but I’m a newbie to this forum, who has already put a lot of money into my integra, just to get the car back to basic. PLus, I’ll be needing help on my car. Hopefully the advice can be returned, if not by you, then someone else.
Let me know how it works out.