goin to finally do my ls/vtec swap, with a b16 head. what head gasket do i get

So yes, that idiot is me!! HAHA i ran through a huge puddle this mourning and hydro locked my motor, blew the front wall right out of cylinder 1. dont worry pics will follow soon!!

my question is i am goin to finally do my ls/vtec swap, with a b16 head. what head gasket do i need to get. b18b1 (block), or b16 (head)???

and i do belive i get b16 head studs right?

also, since im goin with the b16 head, do i need to change water pump and crank timing belt gear?? when goin to obd1 from obd0, all i need is:

ECU (obd1)
Distributer (obd1)
altenator (obd1)
4-wire O2
and jumper harness from obd0 to obd1

ive read numerous posts, and articles about this swap but they never specify b18 head or b16 head. either that or i cant read!! and the other stuff i just want to make sure i got together and dont need anymore last minute items.

Thanks in advance!!



i was going to just answer your questions as best i could, but i figured i’d point you in the direction of this article. it should pretty much help you out with everything you need to know. let me know if there is anything else, and i’ll do what i can to help!

Nice dude, thanks! just skimmed through it and found a majority of what i needed. thanks man. soon as i get off work ill be able to read the whole thing and if i have anymore questions, ill be sure to ask.


no problem dude. any time

ok so i got all the hardware i need!! now im using a B18C1 head, with old style skunk2 manifold.

im switching to OBD1 and i have the OBD1 VTEC engine harness! along with that the MAP sensor is now ontop of the throttle body, instead of on the firewall on a factory DA. and it has no FIAC now.

can anyone help me out with the new vacum hose, and coolant hose routing?

ive looked and skunk2’s website, and kind of got and idea. but i dont want to run into any last second surprises!!

Also there are 2 sensors on the back of my B18B1 block, by the oil filter. i dont know which is which. i think ones the coolant switch, and other is knock sensor. alittle help with this would be appretiated too.