Going LS/VTEC .. What parts should I take from a wrecked SI Donor

Hey what’s up fellaz! I’ve got some great news! My friend’s body shop just recently acquired a totalled 1999 SI. Fortunately the motor and most of the front end is still intact. He’s willing to donate the motor to me and everything else I can salvage from the car. At first I was just gonna go Turbo … but an LS/VTEC turbo would be even better.

Now what parts should I salvage from this donor machine so I can turn my LS motor into a frankenstein motor?:evil:

My goal is to build a modest 200-250WHP Machine. Needs to be reliable since I use my car for daily driving. I’m not planning to go racing or dragging, I just want to give the car a little bit more oomph. I’m planning to hyrbid the motor for now, with the possibility of forced induction in the future if I feel I need a little bit more power. Other then the parts from this godsend SI, what other parts should I acquire to make this frankenstein motor stand up to some daily wear and tear.

All your help on this subject will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance guyz and galz.

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salvage si parts for ls/vtech

The best parts to salvage from that si would be the head and the pistons. The head has about the same displacement as the b18c head and the pistons have more compression than any b series piston except for maybe the b18c5. I happen to be turning my Ls into a frankenstien too so if you have any tips please tell me.

Re: salvage si parts for ls/vtech

Originally posted by demon666999
The head has about the same displacement as the b18c head

umm…i thought displacement was measured in the block, specifically the cylinders, not the head. iono maybe it’s me.

Ok check out this website below it is dope for all your LS/Vtec Needs. I know I know you are saying a newbie what the hell can he know. First of all I am a newbie only to this board and have been doing swaps and LS/ Vtec conversions for about five years now. if you would like to know my very own oppinion I have two in your case. You need to decide what is more important, Having Vtec now and not having too much future upgrade capabilities such as turbo, supercharger etc… You can do it but it will require you building up the engine but I recommend if you are thinking that in the next year or so to turbo your baby then to keep it LS for the LS engine is the engine that is definitely the best Honda engine to take Forced Induction. Well that is my 2 cents. If you have any questions at all email me and I will be happy to answer them.

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