Good clutch to replace stock

Hey, just wondering what would be a good clutch to replace my stock one with. Nothing too major yet, don’t have lots of power to the flywheel or anything. Something just better then putting in a OEM clutch. Looking for it in the 604 area also if anyone knows a place to get one for a good price.

clutchmasters stage 1 or 2

depends on how long you’re going to stay unmodded, and what kind of mods you want to have. if you’re doing just a few like i/h/e and then quitting, stage 1.

I’d suggest a stock ITR clutch and flywheel if your plans aren’t too grand. I used one on my old B18A when my stock one crapped out and the difference wasn’t enormous but it was noticeable. Whatever clutch you decide to go with, look into at least an ITR flywheel which is 4lbs lighter than the B18A.

im using a ACT stage 1 clutch and i love it…it grabs quick and hard, and makes your shifting feel very responsive…or try exedy heard good things about them too.:bow:

eventually i will be swapping a b16a in there, hopefully before the winter ends, then I want to supercharge it this summer. But I definitely need something right now, my clutch doesn’t always engage, sucks when it just spins. I was looking at ACT, looks like it would be a good choice for my needs and the price.

group buy on ACT stage 1 clutch. I could use one… I don’t need noe but knowin me, I’ll need one for summer heheheeh