Good Deal?

For about $100 i can get a bored out stock TB (65mm) and port matched manifold. Is this a good deal? The TB will be using the stock buterfly (will this cause any problems?) Also is this upgrade worth it? Is there something better to spend my money on? (about $180 w/ parts and labor). WOuld a different manifold be better to use (ie. B16a, itr??) would these bolt up? Any info on this will help!!! Currently have I/H/E. Thanks


okay, so let me make sure i have this right. because it’s a horrible idea.

you have a throttle body which has been made bigger inside, but the butterfly is the same size. think about that for a couple minutes. :wink:

no offense but think a little, ur idle would be like 5k

do u have ls or gs-r?
unless ur running some monster cams (crower 404,jg 303) dont waste money on intake manifold IMO. u loose too much low end with skunk2 manifold (or similar)

i say take ur 180 and save a lil and get urself some cams


but plan to spend more money cuz u buy cams, you will end up buying other crap as well

yea thanks for the info guys, hey sorry i dont know much thats why i ask…