good lip kits without turning to egay

hey guys im looking for a good carbon fiber lip kit for my car i dont like the vis/wingwest lip. so im looking for something more low profile that is realy carbon fiber and staying FAR away from egay even if i have to spend the extra cash, what is a good place to get a good quality, and nice lip for my 90 teggy

JDP has some good lips

JDP ALL THE WAY! youll like the look of it on your car

i heard of them but havent seen them,tried searching for a site that sell them all i keep getting is stuff for evo’s anyone have any pics of these kits on a teggy?

go to and youll find them there for sure with pics.

wats man i got the jdp lip on my 90 db. i love the lip cause it hangs down alot more than stock and eliminates that big gap from ground to bumper prety good. Good luck with your decision. :wave:

831db1teg, what mirrors are those?

they are vision type dc mirrors.

thats clean man. im definately getting that lip for my 90 da. i was thinking of changing to the 93 bumper, but seeing it in pics on a 90 da makes me like it more. yah what mirrors are those?

aww ic posted it when i posted it haha

haha thanks man

wait where else do they sell jdp lips besides jdmcarboy?

Those shrek side view mirrors are titeee

haha yea they do look like shrek ears huh. thanks man

RANRAN: i got the lip straight from jdp i dont know who else would sell it

I suggest you get the lip from JDP cuz I’ve heard jdmcarboy sucks dick with their customer service.

yah my friend was tellin me that too.

Jdp Lip

Hi there,

Email me: for pricing.



[QUOTE=JDP;1836227]Hi there,

Email me: for pricing.



id pick it up but im in san francisco. ill let you know im waiting for my tax return to come

wats up john! i bought my lip from you.

great guy. good service. good product. i still want that jdp emblem