Good setup n/a

Bone stock 93 ls thinking about a n/a setup i could run
Skunk2 pro exhaust
Ws2 manifold and muffler with 2 1/2 inch pipe
Port matched and polished
Stage 2 crower cams/valves and springs

Is there anything I should change
Have a very flexible budget

Good clutch and solid mounts, aftermarket wideband and Hondata s300 with good tune

if you want a good platform for something N/A i would definitely start by reducing the most amount of rotating mass ie. lighter flywheel, clutch. 2.5 is probably the largest exhaust size you wanna run. Could even consider a shorter geared ratio trans like a b16, give it a little more pep , however unless you plan to take apart that trans to put in a LS 5th gear or something, you are not going to enjoy highway driving. the port matching is a good idea, can choose a larger tb as well. if you’re increasing the amount of air in and out don’t forget about your fuel system.

vtec or p8r B20 head flow so much better I’d start there.

b18 parts

if your interested im parting out my b18 , i have a set of crower 404 cams and a skunk2 intake manifold along with dual springs and titanium retainers and a few extra supporting mods , you can reach me at , im letting it go for cheap

Don’t forget for a brake upgrade.