good shocks and coilovers

i was just wondering what a good suspension setup is i have a 1990 integra gs just want some ideas befor i buy anything thankyou

Koni/Ground Control FTW

The most talked about subject in the world! Search any word (koni, GC, bounce, homo, cock) and you’ll find tons of threads about it… good luck!

hey thank you for the info like i said im not looking t obuy yet prolly this summer after i sell my 98 accord lx the guy i bought the teg from had it lowerd but he has coilovers in the front and just lowering springs in the back on fact struts and i want to clean it up and do it right

is that set up in the pic a full coilover system or a sleeve over?

Sleeve over but tried and proven to be one of the best budget setup for the Import boys…

I have a skunk2 sleeve over that came with the car when I bought it. Everyone says to switch to a full coilover set up. Is the set up above just as good as a full coilover? what would be the difference between the a full coilover and the one in the pic?

A full coilover comes with the shock, top mounts, and coilover threaded in. This is a good upgrade for the street and track. I have a set of skunk2 full coilover brand new going for cheap. The difference with koni(picture above) and some of the others is koni can go alot lower without sacrificing comfort depending on spring rates.

Full coilovers…all one piece

The Ground Control/Koni set-up mentioned above is a good budget set-up that a few people I know have installed with no problems.

the GC/Koni set up costs the same as a PIC or tein system. wouldn’t it be better to go for the tein or PIC since they’re full coilovers instead of the GC sleeve over set up? A lot of people are saying good things about PIC. have you guys messed with them?

Koni/ground control - $899

pic - $1210

Tein $1140

Not really the same price but not to far off from each other. You could get the non dampening teins and pic’s for a little less but then you would get more out of the koni/ground control setup.

k-sports one piece coilovers


this subject is talked about alot, you’ll find people are happy with what they have, but if you talk to people that have experimented alot most will say GC/Koni, people that have owned, ksport, sk2, d2, etc get the gc/koni with some top hats and you’ll be happy i’m sure.

Yeah everyone is different when i comes to suspension setups. I just know out of the 7 or 8 suspension setups i’ve had over the years the koni/ground control is the best setup i’ve had.

I just recently picked up the pro kit springs from eibach, and paired them with some KYB gr-2’s. Ive heard great things about this set up if you arent looking for a huge drop. I plan on tracking (road racing) her a few times this spring/summer, and im just wondering if anyone has this set up, and what they have to say about its performance as far as road racing goes.


koni/gc is the bang for you buck. great for street and track.

If you want a nice and low stance, and a car that handles good, the Koni/GC is the way to go.

Full Coil-Over systems can be more expensive, but are far more adjustable and more geared towards serious comp use. Some brands like KSport (GARBAGE!) pretty much fake the funk. They look nice, but for the most part, they suck.

there should really be an end all “best suspension thread” that works best for our G2s. That way there wont be as many “which coilover” or “what springs to get” thread. Just saying…

i believe its been tried. we had an “official” Wheel/Tire/Suspension thread, but its been moved to the archives. and as we all know, noobs don’t want to read old stuff.

I got Koni/GC and Love them. Just need to raise my car up some LOL