Good starter modifications?

Hello all, I was wondering of your opinions of what some good basic modifications are. I just purchased a 1990 Integra and wanted to know what you guys think i should start out doing. Also I was wondering what the or if there would be a problem using VOLK TE37 14x6.0Js as opposed to another 14x5.5JJ. Thanks a lot.

Lower it with some good coil overs. i dno’t think those rims should make a difference.

save your moeny and spend it on a something big.

clean and simple is the way to go.

I suggest handling modifications first. If you’re sticking with non-adjustable springs, make sure you buy springs that have the fronts lower than the rear (2.25" fr, 2.0" rear for ex.). This will give the car an even look when it comes to fender gap. If you do lower the car, no matter how low you go, I definitely recommend some kind of performance shocks. You’ll appreciate the ride better.

Swaybars are a worthy investment (even though I don’t have one yet). However, if you want a neutral/oversteer feeling, you only need to purchase the rear swaybars.

Brakes are also a good mod. Getting some Xdrilled brake rotors all around gives it a nice look (especially if your rims are fairly see-through). Replacing the pads at the same time is recommended. You can either purchase OEM pads or high-perf. pads. But the rotors will eat through the OEM pads quicker.

I would leave the engine last (including exhaust). That requires more attention and research. I would surf these boards (especially Product reviews, Engine Hybrids, & Turbo forums) to get an idea of what would suit your needs & budget. There is a Plethora of info in this website and I wouldn’t let it go to waste. And don’t be afraid to ask questions (no matter how silly it is). Just make sure you’re asking in the right forum though.

Keep your eyes open on deals. While you’re attending to the mods above, it wouldn’t hurt if you also start collecting/researching/looking for body mods (like JDM 1pc. lights, body kits, etc.).

Hope this helps,


Great, thanks a lot for all your help with some basic mods.