Got a package to ship? DHL ALL THE WAY!!!

Man I’m just SO impressed by these guys…I had a front bumper to ship to ThaJazz, and UPS’ website quoted me a given price for a box with its dimensions/weight…and then at the dropoff counter not only did they refuse to take it, they were DOWNRIGHT RUDE to me…even sank to the level of calling me an idiot for wanting to ship a bumper. I was appalled at their behavior (have never seen that side of UPS before). So I got on the DHL Worldwide Express page, found a 1-800 number, and called them up. Granted, it ended up costing more to ship with DHL, but in all honesty a car bumper isn’t a small package. HOWEVER: DHL does overnight (or 2-day at the longest) air shipping only. So it will tend to cost more. But MAN were they awesome! They send someone out to wherever you are to pick up the package, and have a quote ready for the shipping cost for you. I ended up having to go to work, and they were late picking it up, but they still shipped it without me paying for the package. I called 'em the next day, and they knocked like 40% off the price of shipping because the guy was late picking it up! Talk about customer relations!!! Anyways, according to ThaJazz they also went the extra mile to help him get the bumper in his car and make sure everything went great. Granted, it costs more, but for the quick delivery time, and absolutely AWESOME friendly customer service, I’m not shipping any other way anymore. I highly recommend you all check this stuff out. *NOTE: to ship that bumper it was less than 50 bucks for 2nd day service. not too shabby for something that huge.

Uh, yeah. What he said.

No, really, the DHL folks were very helpful. I picked up the bumper from their shipping office in Linthicum, MD. The staff was very friendly, courteous, and most of all, helpful. The bumper box was gigantic, so I had some trouble figuring how to put it in my sedan. One of their staff saw me thinking, and came over with some boxcutters and we took out the bumper and they helped me get it in the ride. They didn’t have to, but they did, so they get kudos from me.

got that 800 number, i’m trying to sell my commando wing and nobody will ship it for me so far. bastards