Got Bad News today

WEll I decided I would just take my teg to Acura and see if they could do some diagnostics to find out whats up with my bad idle and popping/misfiring sound coming from the exhaust. He told me that he had know idea i had so many modifications done and there diagnostic tools at the shop are designed for factory specifications and the ecu would throw false codes and the labor would be $99 an hour b/c it would be such a difficult process since i have “so many mods” (i/h/e ignition,b&m fpr) so i said f*** that and i guess ill take it to my reg mechanic but he prob wont be able to fix it either, guess ill just have to live with it! :mad:

Can you be specific on your mods? I/H/E and FPR shouldn’t be throwing codes at you. Maybe the ignition, but I don’t know what you have. There are a couple of people here (I believe) who had trouble with their performance ignition system.



well i have another post out about trying to obtain my ecu codes, i used a paper clip to jump the connector, which is attached to a green and white wire and the check engine light comes on but it stays lit, i dont know what that means, but the mechanic didnt say there were any codes, just said that they might throw false codes and it would take time to test out everything and i have a msd ignition, 8.5mm wires, blaster coil and distributor cap (pro cap)…any help?