Got my Comptech header installed

Took about 3 hours, but I got it in.
1.) Remove heat shield, detach cat and unbolt support brackets
2.)Seperate A pipe from stock header by unbolting three nuts.
3.) Remove 9 nuts holding stock header to head and remove.
4.) Remove front cross member and tranny mount.(that’s the way I did it may be an easier way)
5.)gently encourage header into place and replace nuts(torque to 23ft-lbs)
6.) Reassemble front cross member(difficult without removing radius rods, I just undid the left lca to frame bolt and that gave me enough room to work with)
7.)Take brace that goes from the front cross member under the engine and to the frame and put it in place and mark where it contacts the header. Take off and use a sledge and encourage the brace to make room(read: beat the living @&*% out of it)
8.)Replace brace and adjust as needed.
9.)Clean header with a good solvent that won’t leave a residue behind(mine left streaks that weren’t obvious until the steel turned stripped purple).

I used a Comptech type-r header it turned out to be about 4 inches too short, not a problem just went to the muffler shop the next day and had them chop the cat move it forward and make an extension for 25 bucks, even got a new donut gasket.

This header is awesome I definately felt the gains, of course it better be awesome for 529 bucks.

I’ll get some pics soon.

Sounds good, can’t wait to see pictures. Did you polish it before you put it in?