Grease EVERYWHERE but no rip!??

I jacked up my car to flush the radiator and noticed tons of grease on the tierod and the inside of my rims on the driver’s side. I checked all the cv boots and none of them were ripped.

The car seems to drive fine, no clicking or anything. Are there any other places where there are tons of grease that might have leaked out? Can greae from the wheel bearing leak out… and when I say leaked out… I meant a lot.

There’s like a coating of grease all around the inner side of my rim…

check the clips on the boots and see if they are missing or loose

Cool thanks… will do when I get home.

check the boots again. could be slighty ripped where the boot ripples… mine is like that…

Yeah, I’d double check, finding a small rip can be very difficult.

Also, how long have you owned the car? If the car is new to you or you haven’t investigated the undercarriage before it could just be leftover grease from the last set of boots that broke and since then they have been changed…

x2. if you never checked under your car before id bet its just grease from once upon a time.