Greddy Turbo kit fitting a 2nd Gen

Has anyone ever tried to make a Greddy Turbo kit fit the 2nd Gen Integra? Just curiuos what you did and how hard it was to fabricate. I heard you can use a Civic Greddy Turbo kit and just drill holes in the manifold to make it fit, Does anyone know if this is true. Any input would be appreciated.

fits like crap

I tried it. Would have been worth it if it bolted up with minor mods-but it wont.

-You need to redrill/slot the manifold.
-need to cut crossmember,not just a notch,more like half of it
-the piping is to short everywhere
-cant use airfilter
-wont clear fans

all of the above was ok with me but I realised the tubo out let on the US greddy kit faces downward and the front tranny mount is int he way for the charge pipe. You cant turn the compressor housing and retain the wastegate actuator.

BTW the JDM ZC kit has the housing pointing upward.

So, yes it will work,but the hazzle of making it fit is not worth it IMHO.

Thanks for the info. I was going to try it but now I might just go a different route.