Im goin to order this exhaust in a couple weeks but my quetion is, is the length of the piping exactly the same as the stock one? I remember there was a thread here a while back where his SP2 piping came up a lil short. Is there suppose to be an extension pipe included? by the way its for 93 Integ. also, any place you guys know where i can find it cheap? thanks.

If you order the right one for your car, it should fit (or atleast come with the necessary hardware so it fits properly, like an extension piece).

90-91 have longer cats than the 92-93, so if they ordered the wrong year for their car, then there might be fitment problems.

PS: You could always change the cat if you have a problem.

If you order it brand new it comes with an extension piece. If you have a 90-91, it fits without it, if you have a 92-93 you need the 3" (or so) extension.

Good choice with the SP2, it’s a great exhaust.