does anybody know if anyone make pre fitted gilles for a 90 integ. I’ve seen them for the 92-93, but not for 90-91. I really want a grill but I dont want to have to do it myself. does anyone have any info! Thanks

have you looked in teg tips? the gutter mesh you can use, because i dont think its much of a difference if they are pre fitted.

I’ve only seen the prefitted grills for a 92-93. The thing is that they go over your existing plastic grill (if you can even call it a grill). IMO it would not look very good because it would sit so far out in front of the bumper. It should be set back more. My friend and I just used the teg tips to install a grill in my car yesterday. It took us all day, but I did a few things different than he did and hacked out a little more plastic. We experimented a lot so it prolly took us longer than it should have. It was well worth it cause it looks sweet as hell. Not to mention it cost me a wopping $5.00 for all the supplies compared to the $100 for a prefitted one. You may want to reconsider buying one and just doing it yourself.