ground and alternator question

the other day i accidentally broke the two ground wires that go from the front of the engine bay to the right side of the valve cover. since then ive noticed at night that my dash lights and headlights flicker whenever i engine brake. the same thing happened to my buddys civic right before his alternator went out. i think my alternator might be failing soon. could it be because i broke those valve cover grounds?

yes that is most likely the cause of your issure, I recomend you replace it as soon as possible

thanks but do you mean the ground wires or the alternator?

ground wire

add a new ground wire and i suggest that you replace all the others also. if just replacing the broken ground doesn’t solve anything it’s usually caused by all the grounds being corroded and having a higher resistance.

thnx for the advise guys. i almost thought i had to replace the alternator but i changed the 2 broken ground wires. ive always wanted to just go through all the grounds anyway but just never had any time.