ground controls on illuminas??

well i have tokico illuminas on my car now with the tokico springs and i ordered a set of ground controls for it. what i want to know is, will i need the ground control top hats because im going for a 2.5 inch drop and i dont want to blow my shocks.

Get the top hats

link to tophats?

should be on the ground control website…

i just ordered the 10mm top hats for my illuminas, i dont have the GC coilovers yet just stock but of course the GC top hats wont fit on other coilovers so i have to wait till i get GC coilovers…oh and by the way there at for $119

cool. does anyone know if anyone else sell extended top hat instead of ground control? i don’t feel like cutting mine and welding them.

you dont have cut and weld the GC’s in

yea i know that i wasnt relly clear with my reply i ment to extend my stock tophats cuz the GC ones are very $$ like $130 for 2 and i need to have 4. But i dont think i will need extended top hats cuz im not going crazy low just to were the tire are level with the wheel well.

just the ground control coilovers on stock struts give it a decent ride, and illumina’s give a little better ride

Are the GC top hats ONLY for the GC coilovers or can they be used with any set of coilovers?

they say that they only fit ground control coilovers but you never know. just might be a way for ground control to buy there coilovers.