ground issue, checked the major areas..HALP!!

Hey guys im having a huge ground problem and i need help bad. I checked the transmission ground and the one on the thermostat housing and i even added another ground on the block but am still having this problem.

here is a pic of what is going on

Take the bumper off and on the front right side,there is this little black fuse box that is grounded with a 10mm bolt. Water gets in there and will make the light do that. There’s one for each headlight.

Here is where they should be after the bumper is off.

turns out i didnt have that black box even bolted up for some reason, must have forgot to do that after i put the motor in, thanks guys

Good shit man. Its funny how something so small and simple can make a difference.

hmmm, im having the same problem with my headlights, ill pull the bumper off and check that box after the holiday