GS-R owners in the Denver area?

Hopefully this is the right forum…

So after owning 3 DAs over the past 15 years, I finally got a DB2. I’d like to “compare notes” with another DB2 owner in person.

Hit me up if interested!

Congrats on getting a GSR, I know of a guy in Denver with a real nice one. He used to be a member on this site. I dont know him like my buddy does but hes a pretty cool guy.

Okay so more specifically, I feel like it should have more power than it does, but I have nothing to compare it to. I’d really just like someone who is used to this car (in stock form) to take it for a drive and tell me what they think.

This car needs some work. I’m okay with being upside down on it if it’s something worth restoring, but I’ve already spent hundreds of dollars on little things in the last couple weeks and I’m just at the point of putting more into it than I can get out if it’s deemed a loss.

Or if anyone knows of a small, enthusiast-run Honda shop in the Denver area with lots of experience with 90s Hondas…

Please and thanks.

If you ever felt like coming down to the springs Id be more than happy to drive it around for you. I own a 91 RS, but I feel you one spending money on the little things. Really all comes down to what you want to do. I know someone down in the springs with a DB2 with a CRVTEC setup, that seems to be the popular thing to do, is either LSV or B20V.