gs-r spark....

ok so im changing the spark plugs and wires out along with the injectors. well before i do i have a couple ?s. iv searched and found nothing really that helps. but im going ngk spark plugs i need to know what is good for stock b17 motor?? i know oem but i hear people running v-power ones and so on and platinum and copper and iranium so whats the best for my application PART NUMBERS PLEASE? also does the injectors from a ls fit into the gs-r b17 or are they different? well thats what i need to know before i go on so if i could get some feed back asap i would appreciate it.

I use good Ol copper, Yes injectors will work as long as there OBD1

ok well can it be placed there ?? sorry im tired and just clicked it here

ok is it switched…well can you answer it now

also i forgot to ask when you buy wires from honda oem are they ngk or what because i asked today, i work there and they said they didnt know.

yea there obd-1 from my 92 ls my other ones click bad

I hear OEM wires are actually a bit better than NGK, do a search if you really want to know why. But NGKs are cheaper. Go w/ NGKs it’ll be fine

You asked this before already about spark plugs, don’t see why you need to ask/make another thread about it. :bang:

If you want whats best for stock, then get stock plugs. You work at the dealer, order the ones the dealer has. :idea:

All has been stated/answered before. Do some searching.

well the dealler said i have to order from acura for the spark plugs and i figured id make a big thread with all my questions instead sorry i didnt know it was against the law plus that was for a different problem it just happened to be mentioned…and for the wires i can get those for 43$ from the dealer oem or i can get like ngk for a higher price.