GSR 11.6 compression?


I’m currently considering getting a 2 layer headgasket to bump up
my compression . I’m currently running CTR pistons with a factory headgasket. Does anybody have any info regarding 2 layer headgasket setup or know if there’s going to be any clearance issues? I’m always run 91 octane and my custom ECU runs on the rich side so I don’t think there’s going to be any issues with dentonation/pining. Any suggestions or info on this setup?



CTR pistons
CTR cams
ITR manifold

A Spoon 2-ply headgasket will bring your C/R to 11.6:1 with your setup.


Thanks for the info. I was thinking either the spoon or the
mugen headgasket. Any ideas if I will have any clearance issues
running a thinner headgasket with the CTR cams and CTR pistons setup?

You should be fine as long as you don’t go crazy with the cam gear settings. I wouldn’t go past +/-4 degree increments. Good luck!


Thanks again for the info. Do you know the difference between
the mugen 2 layer and the spoon 2 layer? (quality) looks like the spoon might be slightly thinner. Cam gears are set to +2 -2 right now. I will get my car dyno again after I install the new headgasket and get my fields controller in. Hoping to get about 180whp. last dyno with stock cams was 173whp.

thanks again!

1.7 NA

Both are good quality gaskets. The Spoon 2-ply raises C/R up by 0.2 points. I think the Mugen one yields the same but not sure. You may want to double check elsewhere.

I have no personal experience with either brand gasket but my co-worker who uses the Spoon 2-ply says it’s really nice quality and has had no problems with it on his poorman’s ITR.

173whp on stock GSR cams is pretty impressive! I’m sure you’ll hit 180whp with the CTRs. Those are great cams…great midrange! Happy tuning!