GSR Complete swap?

I decided to change my mechanic…he kept blowing up his customers motors. Anyways i found a very respectable honda/acura/nissan mechanic thats been building and racing motors for over 8 years. Anyways we got to talking about the project, and i decided this will be my “it” car. Im going to go all out on this one, as far as body goes im keeping it clean, but performance wise it will be crazy. I talked to him about building a ls/vtec and said “why not just do a GSR Swap?” I thought…why not? He quoted me about $3500 for the motor/tranny/ecu/ all that stuff. Im trying to find the specs on the motor, it’ll probably be a 98’ GSR motor. He also has a Type R tranny for $500, should i use the typer tranny or the stock gsr? It’d be cool if you guys helped me build my final car. laterz

type-r im pretty sure all of them had LSD… which would be worth the extra 500 IMO

specs would help if you post what specs your looking for… i know its 170hp, dont know what other specs your looking for

is he installing for $3500 or just getting everything together?, also is it a rebuild (since he builds engines) or a jdm motor


Radzer0, seriously, just stop. Quit posting. Please. I’m asking nicely.

its $3500 for everything, its a built motor from japan jdm. I was pretty much just looking for hp/tq numbers. So the type r tranny would be good on a gsr motor? cool. thanx man.

dude your missing the whole point. 94+ transmissions are hydaulic, 90-93 are cable. you will need a cable to hydraulic conversion if you want to use either transmission with the swap.

so unless this new mechanic knows how to do a cable to hydraulic conversion…

But the motor and tranny are off a 00’ integra, so isn’t the tranny already hydraulic?

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your car is a 93, which means it has a cable driven transmission. the motor you are swapping in, whether it be gs-r or type-r both have hydraulic transmissions.

if you want to use the hydraulic transmission, you need to do a cable to hydraulic conversion.

nm, mikey got my back.

damn right i do mark! :up:

carnage: fyi, there are two very detailed threads on how to do this conversion as well. search and you’ll find them.

I was going to say the same thing Mike, but in order for him to find those threads, he’d have to search. And I think we can see how much people do that around here.

eh, give the guy a chance. they do things slower in texas. it’s the way of life down there. :wink: :up:

lol yea some texans are a lil slow. But i didn’t mention my car is just a rolling chassis lol. I dont have a motor/tranny or anything in it right now, i got it from a friend for $300. Pretty good deal, has coilover suspension and no dings or dents at all on the body, just needs new paint. Anyways the complete swap will work than if i dont have anything to work with than right?

I’m not sure what is unclear to you here, but here’s the deal.

The motors you are referring to use hydraulic transmissions. Your car is designed for a cable transmission. SO…

You HAVE TO DO A CONVERSION from cable to hydro.

This isn’t hard to understand.

I believe HASPORT makes a conversion kit, although I’m not certain. You might also want to check to see about conversion kits; I think they sell 'em.

in addition, your chasis does not contain all the parts required for the hydraulic transmission to work. it is much more than just putting in the hydraulic into an empty chasis and its working.

clutch pedal assembly to work with the hydraulic setup. clutch master cylinder, and among other parts are needed.

not to mention a sawzall to help the firewall accommodate the new clutch master cylinder for which the firewall was not originally designed in relation to the shock tower.