gsr head

Does any one know where I can get a GSR head for my teg?
And if so , what is everything I need to make it work?

first off, any “wanted to buy” posts need to be put in the “wanted to buy” forum.

second, there is more than one form of the gsr head. There is the 92-93 gsr head (from b17a1 engine) and there is the 94+ gsr head (from the b18c1 engine). there are other vtec heads as well.

Third, what it takes to make it work depends on what you’re putting it on. Do you want to put it on a vtec block? are you thinking about doing the ls/vtec or the b20vtec??? Give us some more info. And i’ll tell ya right now, if you are thinkging about doing the ls/vtec or b20vtec do a search before you post. The topic has practically been done to death. There is even a simple how-to in the teg tips. And there is TONS of info elsewhere on the net… some searching and reading will give you the knowledge base you need to ask more specific questions.