GSR or B16 transmission?

I have a jdm b16a motor and am gettin a new tranny. I’m havin a hydro conversion done because the shop I’m going to is having a hard time finding parts for a used jdm b16 cable tranny. So, he has 2 transmissions in stock, a USDM b16 hydro with 20k on it and a gsr tranny with I don’t know how many miles. My dad has a 95 GSR and I love how that thing shifts. If I put the GSR in my 92 would the shifting part be the same as my pops 95? It’s so smoooooooottttthhhhhhhhhh. Which should I go with?

The B16A really needs the shorter gears of the B16A transmission.


For the smoooth it all depends on your bushings linkage, and the condition of your tranny.

2nd gear of the gen 3 GSR tranny is way to tall for the torque of a b16a.
Conside the following:

The GEN2 GSR torque peaks at 7000RPMs VS the GEN3 GSR with its dual stage manifold where the butterfly helps flaten out the curve and peak
sooner at 6200RMS.

So really you want to land you upshift closer to your
peak torque point so you dont waste time bringing your
RPMS back up into your powerband- rather you land in it
or as close to as possible.

So with a GEN2 GSR and B16 tranny- shifting at 8000RMs

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th FD (B16 Tranny gear ratios)
3.23 2.105 1.458 1.107 0.848 4.4

1st to 2nd = 8000*(2.105/3.23) = 5214RPMS

2nd to 3rd = 8000*(1.458/2.105) = 5541RPMS

3rd to 4th = 8000*(1.107/1.458) = 6074RPMS

4th to 5th = 8000*(0.848/1.107) = 6128RPMS

VS GEN3 GSR tranny

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th FD (GEN3 non Type-R gear ratios)
3.23 1.9 1.36 1.034 0.787 4.4

1st to 2nd = 8000*(1.900/3.23) = 4706RPMS

2nd to 3rd = 8000*(1.36/1.900) = 5726RPMS

3rd to 4th = 8000*(1.034/1.36) = 6082RPMS

4th to 5th = 8000*(0.787/1.034) = 6089RPMS

Notice how things get more even on the 2nd to 3rd
upshift however with the GEN3 tranny the RPMS
drop to 4706RPMS during your upshift to 2nd. Figure
the powerband for a stock GEn2 GSR is about
6000-8000RPMS. So you would need to climb back up
1300RPMS to reach your powerband as opposed to
800RPMS for the B16 tranny. 500 RPMS extra
out of the band is A TON of lost time and power to
regain and even though the battle it more even after
3rd gear the battle is already lost.

In short- Get the B16 tranny. :rockon: