GSR Plug Gap *Modified and Non*

I’m just wondering what the non-modified spark plug gap is supposed to be. I’ve seen 1.3 all over the place (what’s that in inches by the way) and some people say 1.1 (this also in inches.) I hope that this thread will be a reliable source to check for these kind of things so if you aren’t sure on your information don’t post!

Also, most bolt-on GSR’s won’t need to mess with the spark plug gap. Well since most people don’t just leave their GSR’s close to stock, should you raise the gap or lower the gap? For an N/A engine you’re supposed to raise the gap slightly, where as a forced induction engine would lower the gap slightly, correct?

Now my real concern is this. My motor has higher than stock compression. I’m going turbo in the next 4 months or so and my gap will need to be lower. Well I’ve read it’s VERY bad to raise the gap too big than try to lower it back to the size you want it at. I need to replace my plugs right now and I won’t be turbo for awhile. So what would be an accurate gap for a higher than stock compression GSR that will also work with a higher than stock compression GSR that will be turbocharged?

Now one thing you could tell me is to run the higher N/A plug gap until I go turbo, then buy a second set of plugs and gap them lower for the turbo setup. For reference purposes, just answer the question! :smiley:

The plugs I’ll be using are NGK BCPR7E-11 which come gapped at 1.1 (given by the 11 at the end of the model number), they’re one step colder and hench are used for forced induction applications. Numerous reviews show that OEM wires are very closely comparable to NGK wires but OEM wires do happen to be the better wire at the end. Especially when used for many years.

12.25:1 compression ratio in a B17. I use the stock 1.1mm gap with NGK BKR7e plugs.

the only time you can open that gap is if you’re running an aftermarket igntition system that’s capable of firing the spark across a wider than stock gap.

1.1 inch gap won’t fire no matter what igntion system you’re running. :smiley:

That measurement is in millimeter. 1.1mm = ~.040 inch.

Awesome, thanks!

Yea i set mine to the l.l and raised it a tad but noticed nothing, neither good or bad :ohyeah:

sorry for the hijack LOL

i have a 6al with blaster 2…should i stay with .44 gap that comes with ngk vpower z6f ones?

With an aftermarket ignition, I was able to run a larger gap on the plus.

aren’t we suppose to follow the recommended gap from ngk website?

gsr show .052 gap

what is the stock gap?

Follow the recommendations in the service manual.

i checked the sticker on my hood when i popped up
and it show the stock gap should be 1.3mm (.052) using platinum plugs

so i dont understand why u guys are saying the stock gap is 1.1 (.040)?

by the way, i took out my spark plug, which was set at 1.3mm gap, and i saw the 90degree bend at the end of the spark plug, it was kinda white… so now i’m lowering the gap to 1.1 and see if it’s gonna be better

Things are different in Canada. You’re 1.3mm gap is actually 1.3mm Canadian which is 1.1mm US.

and in japan, it’s actually 1.1267… go figure

I hear in England, it’s only .032"

and in burundy it’s .0034 Stones

I hear that in Brazil, it’s 2.2mm!!!

oh I hope so… becasuse I’m going shopping next carnival

is this a joke? i don t get it…

how can it be different from canada and us? mm is the same measurement worldwide.

i never heard of canadian millimeter and u.s. millimeter

if you compare inch to mm, yes there is a difference, but 1.3mm canadian is equivalent of 1.1 u.s. :hmm: :hmm:

so when i use my gap tool, i should put it into 1.3 or 1.1? i mean that gap tool is the same one sold in u.s.