Gsr Question

For a GSR Engine, to modify it, what does anyone recomend? i was going for this below…

  1. Type R High Compression Pistons 11:1
  2. OEM Honda Engine Bearings
  3. Type R Intake Manifold/Skunk 2 Intake Manifold (Which Ever is Better)
  4. Short Gear S1 Transmission
  5. Shot Peened Rods
  6. Clutchnet Six Puck Clutch
  7. AEM Cam Gears/Type R Cam Gears (Which Ever is Better)

any suggestions would be good. if you know any other types of things that would be better for performance/horsepower please let me know:gun:

  1. I’d recommend getting P30 pistons. They will give slightly higher compression than the jdm itr’s. The jdm itr’s in a b17a yeild 10.72:1 while the p30’s yeild 10.94:1. Plus the p30’s are a bolt on swap. the itr pistons will require that you shave the rods a little bit. not a problem or anything, just one more thing you’ll have to pay the machine shop to do. You can also opt for ctr pistons which will give you 11.36:1, these will also require that you shave the rods.

  2. ACL bearings are also good. Dan (G2Guru, myself, and a handful of other members are running them)

3)I believe itr and skunk2 are actually the same. Skunk2 just made a replica…i could be wrong though.


5):up: depending on who you ask some will say you need them, some will say its a waste. I had mine shot peened just in case. arp rod bolts aren’t a bad idea either.

6)I’ve never dealt w/ clutchnet, so i can’t give any input on them.

  1. definitely aem instead of itr. Itr cam gears are exactly the same as all other b series cam gears. If you’re not getting performance cams then i’d hold off on the cam gears, you probably won’t be able to extract any decent power from the gears w/o cams. Also, some people don’t like the aem gears because they only have 3 bolts holding them in place, compared to 4, 5, or even 6 on some other brands.

thanks a lot, how much wood i be looking on to spend with decent work and how much wood i be running? whats the main **** to go with right away that delivers speed/performance

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how much wood

wood, hehe.

really it depends on what you want to do. If you’re talking about a complete rebuild, then its gonna be quite expensive. Call your local machine shop and see what kind of prices they can give you. Also, do some searches, there have been a lot of guys building b17’s recently so there is a lot of info out there…show some initiative, do a search :up: