I have a 91 Ls w/ basic bolt on’s… Im lookin for high end horsepower… i dont want high speed’s for short periods of time. What can i do to have more top end speed without having my engine detonate. stronger rods? titanium springs retainers,etc…

How fast do you want to go? I don’t know anywhere that has a speed limit higher than 80mph around here. My teg can do that easy:confused:

well when drivng from FL to CA… you have a chance to open up a lil bit. i wanna really open it up on that long ride through TX

sounds like you need a new valve train. Get some cams and springs

if you want high end horsepower you need vtec, as for top speed i got my my old ls setup to 143mph(dont try this at home with some mods besides the basic)you need to decide what you want for your car, for drag racing? freeway racing?suspension for mountain slalom racing ?make sure you do your research before you pay some to take your motor apart