"H" Floor Mats?

I just noticed today that I don’t have the same floor mats as everyone else’s Integra I see. My brother has a 93 LS with “INTEGRA” inscribed into the mat.

Mine just has an “H” on them, which is only on the front 2 mats.

I haven’t found anything about these floor mats or even that anyone knows about them.

Anyone got any ideas?

civic mats maybe? they don’t look like they fit the same as the integra mats.

Hmm, I’ll have to look at my brothers mats… but these mats fit near perfectly except for a little overlap on the dead pedal. I like em though.

yeah, stock mats fit a lot different from those… first thing that I notice is that the stock mats go way further up past the pedals.

Can’t seem to find any civic mats that look like those. I’ve seen some with the “H” on them, but the design is different.

What do JDM Integra floor mats look like?

they could also be aftermarket mats that someone got monogrammed. I also noticed that the stock mats go much further behind the pedals.

Just opposite of the usdm ones… yours are definitely not jdm G2 mats.

Bump 'dis shit, I really want to know!

Look like CRX mats

They def. aren’t the JDM mats, I have them in my car (modified).

CRX or Civic mats.

My 96 Civic had identical mats in it (dealer). Damn things always caught the gas pedal too - a recall was issued for them because of that.

did you get the free fix from the dealer?