h.o. alternator

has anyone found a high output alternator for a car? i have looked and have yet to figure it out. any help would be gratly appreciated

they have alot of places around that sell them… also local alternator shops could rebuild one for you probaly all the way upto around 200amps

You need to contact Dominick Iraggi. He makes awesome h.o. alts at a very good price. You can contact him at 615-287-7991 or his email is dominick@tds.net. He is a very cool guy I have have done business with him several times. Definitely has a quality product.

thanks for the help guys, what do you guys run and what is the amperage on your alternator?
thanks again :rockon:

stock is 65amp… i say u should never need more than 130amps if you really use alot of accessorys… no idea who would need a 200amp other than people who run sound comps

I dont run sound comps or anything and I have a 200amp one and that still isnt big enough. I only have a 1200W amp and a 400W amp and together at full power those are pulling almost 160amps so even with my big h.o. alt that still only leaves me with 40 amps for everything else. But it works out good because you never really run everything at full power. My lights only slightly dim at idle.

to make them things pull a full 160amps constantly for more than maybe 20minutes and im sure shit will start failing … or they will be turning off due to overheat if there good amps

Thats why I say it works out good. I bet at the reguluar volume that I listen to my stereo at I’m probably not even pulling 100amps through my stereo.

You also have to remember that at idle the amps drastically drop. I think mines only like 120-130 at idle.