H&R springs

has anyone ever had(have) the H&R sport or racing springs??

i currently have eibach sportline springs but i want a little more of even drop in the front and back.

I had some race spring on my Ef hatch and loved them

H&R Race springs are good springs. :stuck_out_tongue:

good to hear

did u guys change ur shocks or struts too?

not then i didnt and it still road good

I’m running H&R Race Springs with Tokico Illumina’s. Before it had ebay coil overs… Huge difference. It doesnt bottom out as much as it used to. I need to stiffen up the shocks alittle bit. But it still does a good job.

alright thanks for the info

is the drop for the racing spring ok for normal driving?

I currently have the H&R Race with KYB GR2 Rear KYB AGX Front and I love it. Awsome springs holds the ground awsome. Drop is right around 2"

I like the H&R’s they ride pretty good, but took em out and upgraded my suspension

I currently have the race springs with KYB shocks. For a cheap setup it is awesome. I wish I had better shocks now but I have no complaints about the springs… other than I wish they were stiffer… haha

in case anyone is curious, they are

front - 480 lb
rear - 300 lb

i hear H&R makes the better progressive lowering springs compared to Eibach.

ive had the race ones on for some time. love them:)

running the race springs…they’re good, but you’ll want to upgrade your shocks, i’m running tokico hp’s (blues) and the fronts are blown…but it still doesn’t even ride that bad. Could be stiffer…
This is about the drop, my fronts are cut to bring the front down a bit, don’t do it…the previous owner did…and it sucks.

will do, thanks for posting the pic too

Non cut. Their good for normal driving, But with any drop you’ll want to watch out for pot holes or speed bumps… It looks like the rear sag’s but its even, Coilovers will give you a cleaner drop appearance though.

thanks for the advice. the car looks good btw

Im looking to get new shocks/springs for my car. The H&R race springs seem to give a nice ride height, not to high and not to low. Are these springs a good choice for a daily driver? What shocks best suit these springs. Any help would be greatly appriciated. Thanks

I’m running Tokico Illumina’s.

They are adjustable so you can adjust how soft or stiff you want the ride to be. I like having it at 4 where it’s pretty stiff. I had it at 3 for awhile, It was pretty smooth…:rockon:

Koni Yellows FTW!

Lots of good info…

After searching for a thread about H&R Race Springs, I found one. I want to switch from skunk2 coilovers with Tokiko Blues to H&R Race Springs(reds)…A buddy I met on G2IC had a DA and I like the way his DA sat on the H&R Race springs, but Im having a problem and the problem is that Im trying to measure exactly how much I will be dropping to. Im using the finger measuring system but I hear that is not correct. I called H&R and they said to measure from the center of the center cap of rim to outer edge of fender. Well, the problem with that is, that your car would have to be at stock height to use that method…Another method is: Dude at the tire shop told me to mesure from outside edge of rim to edge of fender…I got Integra mesh rims on my DA…Any info to clarify my confussion guys…Anyone got DA on Integra 15in rims? If so can you give me your measuring method…