H22 motor mounts?

I was gonna do a H22 swap to my 1990 integra, but i cant find any motor mounts what will work to do it. I found ones for a 94 and up but no 90-93.

Does anyone know where i can get these?


h22 mounts

search for it man, theres a lot of posts on it, look up under search h22 swap, and a bunch will come up, look for the h22integra creator, cant remember his xact name or look up xact1 or posjr
they’ve all done this swap
pz out

not sure what H22G2integra did, I think he fabbed his own somehow. posjr used the Place racing kit, it had to be modified to fit his car, and they are out of business now.

Placeracing :down:


there out of biss shit!!! :fucksuvs:

They just went out of biss no long ago weeks. Beside if you dont now i have the kit!!!

I need a kit!