H22 vs. B18c1 vs. LsVtec

ive been looking around and i see that the h22 swap will be a lot of work, looks like it’ll be like over 3K. gsr can get for like 3 grand and rebuild my bottom end and toss a b16 head onto it for under 2 grand
what do you guys think would be the best bang for the buck more looking into the gsr or LSV because i think the H22 swap is a bit much for me better off buying a prelude?

how about b20vtec :slight_smile:

b20 nahh looking at lsv only hybrid cause i have the block. unless i can find a head b20 block and build it while i have the LS in there

I vote for a gsr. If you ever go with h22, make sure you get the h2b swap which cost alot.

depends entirely on what parts you use. the gsr or lsv will be a better option. straightforward swaps for one, and two no stupid frm sleeves to deal with. TONS of options.

how old are you like 17? Just get a b16a or a B18c1 and call it a day, It’s a lot of fun and reliable and easy to work on and many parts.

i was looking at 16’s because their pretty cheap and really easy to come across, the gsr will be much more power. i was thinking about doing just a straight swap because like you said its easy. or i was going to do a GSR build because i think my engines got a pretty good amount of life left at 218XXX miles and do a side build?

look in the for sale thread. there is a guy selling a b18c1 for pretty cheap.

ive been seeing pretty cheap gsr’s under 2grand, no tranny how would that be with a ys1? i also have DC headers and intake so i don’t really ned to worry when they dont have those.

i don’t think i understand your question completely. i personally think that they would run better with a gsr ys1 than with the stock b18c1 tranny.