Hey, I was wondering if anyone out there has swapped a h22a into there integ and if so what all was required for the swap (any mods, new parts other than engine, tranny, and ecu). Also i would like to know the cost for the swap. thanks if you know anything

I know that some people have but I dont know the details on the swap…
Keep digging and you will find your answers.


i have a friend installing the h22a in his civic hatch right now…and let me tell you it’s not fun. he’s having a very hard time finding the correct parts, axles, ecu business, harness crap and a bunch of other stuff, and he’s not foreign when it comes to motor swaps. also , the civic’s chassis like 4 or 5 inches longer or bigger or something ( i read that somewhere ) so i couldn’t see without a lot of custom fabrication that h22a is gonna fit, needless to say unless you want to make yer car a full drag i wouldn’t worry about it. if you do…then just ignore my post. just trying to save you some headaches. maybe a b20/vtec would be more suitable and more reliable. good luck with your project and let us know anyhow. :clown:

thanks, i probably won’t go with the h22a anymore the main reason i was gonna go with it was because they aren’t as expensive as th B18c’s, by the way could you possibly give me some info on the b20 like how much money, horsepower and torque, thanks for any info

B20… prices vary with time and location… seen them for as low as $1100can all the way to $1800can.
Its a bolt in affair for DA/DC chassis integras.
Bone stock: 140hp and 135lbs at the wheels.
Thas for a JDM B20B… and that makes about 160hp and 150lbs at the crank.