H23 blue top h2b in a 91 DA questions

whats up g2ic, i have questions on this h2b build, i want to know is it possible to use a obd2 blue top h23a and use it in the DA, i know you could use the other h series in it, but what im trying to figure out is the wiring, like with the harnesses because i know my 91 came obd0 from factory, but would i have to convert it to obd1 and get a step up harness for obd2? or get a step down for obd2 to obd1 and convert the teg to obd1, im very confused so your advice/help is greatly appreciated.


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I’d see about converting the H to OBD1, and convert the car to OBD1.

Not sure what parts are needed but that would leave you with the tunability of OBD1, and lack of complications of OBD2.

lol yea, im new here so i thought thats what would make people see the post more, and yea, i was going to try to convert it to obd1, like §§§§§, injectors, etc… but what would i need to do as in modification wise, i know for a bubble you would need to shave a part of the block down to make it fit good in the bay.

Dunno for sure… I just typed “H22 in DA” in Google and found a heap of threads… give that a shot.


The H22 and H23 should be roughly similar enough to at least give you most of the basics that you’ll need.

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thanks man

Just bet the jdm h22 §§§§§ odb1 injectors and odb1 h/f alternator saves you a headache man

thats the thing, i want the power from the h23

Than get an h23 same thing

obd2 blue top? then convert it to obd1? im new the honda game

your best bet is to convert your car to obd1 (grey plug) and either get a harness for obd1 to obd2 a or b? and that way you can use the harness that is on the h23 motor you have. Or find a donor h motor with obd 1 and pretty much everything wires up. You will need to run some wiring for the vtec and rewire the alternator as obd 2 is different. All i did with my swap was rewire my entire car and used an aem standalone but that is pretty advanced but not a bad way of doing it either. All in all i love my h22 and would never go back to a b series. Well worth the effort in my opinon. I swaped my motor back in 2002 and have been driving it ever since!!!

I currently have the explicit speed h22/23 swap mounts with traction bar for a da lmk if ya interested used but not using

How much you want for the traction bar setup

I did the H23 last year. Let me know if you need any specific info on the swap. I built a 100% new harness for mine, tucked everything and bypassed the shock tower plugs and went straight to the ECU.


whats up bro i recently got my hands on a bone stock 93 ls special, and i want to do the h2b on that instead because its obd1 already, i have the oppurtunity to buy a h22a4 long block for 400 with 125xxx on it, is it worth the price? or is it worth the motor to use for the h2b set up? lmk when you get the chance, because i would like to get this done and have the car running with a h2b by the end of spring, pm me if you dont mind giving me advice to go down the right path for that conversion
thanks in advance

If i was you od save up a few hunderd more and buy a new h22 long block