h23 swap

Hey guys I have a h23 I’m rebuilding which will now be going in my DA that was recently stolen. Who makes a h series motor mount for the DA9? And those who have done it what are your thoughts?

Found a place that sells a entire kit 499 shipped lol who has done this swap?

why would u wanna put the h23? and don’t say cuz u have it available, cuz that thing isn’t worth dropping into ur da. but if u do wanna know, hasport and innovative makes motor mounts to drop in an H22!!!

the h23 is a crappy motor, and honestly isn’t better than an LS. the h23… good luck on finding aftermarket parts meant for it, cuz its not similar to the h22 even tho it was in a prelude. the h23 has a different shaped combustion chamber (the way the head mounts to the block is kinda slanted or so)… its a POS. just my $0.02. but if u wanna do it… go for it.

yea its not the best but when built with a h22 head there good. is it just a stock rebuild? there are a few shops that make parts for the h23

yea all this work for a car that was recently stolen… and no signs of increasing security for the vehicle.

oh i have a kill switch and fuel cut off relay ready for when the new motor goes in and yes part of my plan is to swap out the head with the h22 head as part of the rebuild and im not paying close to 700 bucks for mounts :wink:

I got my mounts there best prices on swap mounts I found online & free shipping! :dance: