H4H bulbs

not sure where to post this but i think it would be some good information to get out there.

here in the part of japan that i am in, they no longer sell H4H bulbs. they arent even listed anymore as a bulb type. i think the only way to get them in probably through the honda dealer as an oem part. i have yet to go to the honda dealer and ask, but i would assume that would be a way to get them.

so yea… where ever you can find these bulbs, i would stock up. it seems like they will be phased out soon as outdated equipment…

I used to get them thru PasswordJDM and they told me the same thing when I went in to purchase a pair either in the beginning of the year or last year; thus, they raised the price ($10+). But yup, phasing out…

There use to be a write up on converting the JDM housing to 9004 but can’t find it. I have 3 sets of h4h PSWJdM bulbs so after that its getting converted

You can modify H4 bulbs to fit your headlights, there was a post here about it a long time ago. I had to do this in a pinch once about 10yrs ago in an Autozone parking lot with nothing more than a pair of dykes. It was a little ghetto, but worked fine. If you had a bench and some better tools you could definitely do a clean job. It’s pretty straight forward, just look at your H4H, look at the H4, and then trim off the excess metal until your H4 looks like the H4H.

Also, a quick google search found a few youtube videos about this topic. They were too long for me to bother watching right now though. Might be worth checking out, they were long, so I’m assuming they have a more involved process than simply trimming them like I mentioned.