Had starter and Battery replaced, Car still won't start

I had my car worked on by a Acura technician, I told him that my car wouldn’t start. It would just click but never turn over. I called every two hours and they said it was the starter and the battery and they replaced them both. so I get there start my car right up. “Ahhhh yeeeaa” as I drove off the Fairfield Acura dealership. Got home, got ready to go out, and sure enough, same thing happened before I took it there. By now its too late to call back because they were already closed. what else could it be???

Does it just click or does it turn over?
If it’s not the starter or battery, then it might be the igniter or ignition coil… But check the cheaper stuff first, like spark plugs and distributr cap & rotor.

If the engine just cranks but doesn’t start, another possiblility is the main fuel relay… they tend to go bad too.

make sure it’s not the clutch switch if you have a munual tranny… if it turns and does not start, check coil, igniter, plugs, wires, PGM-FI relay, etc… like tegNUVO said, start with the cheaper stuff first…

BTW, if you have the same problem and they did replace the starter and battery, you got ripped off…

altenator? could be draining your battery… very very possible.