Halo 1 piece Headlights

Ok I just bought some halo black housing one piece headlights and they go great with my black car. Ok since the bulb size of the new Halo Lights what is the bulb size for them!? is it like H1 or H2!? I’m not sure… because in a way I was really pissed off cuz I got some sylvania Silverstar 9400st bulbs and it won’t fit my new headlights :bs: well I just want to know what size they are cuz I want some hyper white head light bulbs for my one piece also

and another thing like where I live it’s pretty hot… well not as hot as florida and Cali or whatever well it was hot right… and between the headlight housing and the cornerlight housing… you know where th original headlight and the original corners used to be… looks like there was small holes in it… not perfect holes but really small holes noticeable up close but not from a distance… just wondering if anyone else experienced with them like I did

my 1 peice haol’s slid into the stock spots perfectly on my 92 rs. the wiring was a little tight on the passenger side by the airbox though.

look here for more 411
I have had 2 sets now. some jerk hit my teggy and distroyed my first set.

they should come with 1 plug that will connect right up to your white big o 2" plug for your “Main” lamp. your 2 turn signals are plug and play also. now some times (not one fricking clue why) the fog lamp socket on the 1pc isnt the same as the one for the fogs on the car (location, the top 2 wires dead center of the headlight housing). so cut the end off and wire together your old connector so that way you can still use the stock plugs and unplug your headlight. now your “halos” are most likley bare wires with no plug. they should be the 2 that come out on the under side of the headlight housing more closer to the fog lamp area. you have a few options.
1 splice and wire them to the turn signals, then they will be on with your running lights, and blink when you use your turnsignals. (sick looking ) or you can splice and wire them to the other side marker light that is always solid. they too will be on with your running lights but not blink.
the third option (if im right) you can do is if you got a body kit, is take the connector that you cut off from the fog lamp. I think it is the same one used as the bottom turn signal in your bumper. not to sure. but you can wire it up to that and then it will always be off but only blink with turn signals. this is only if you have a body kit that dosnt alow you to retain your turn signals in your bumper.

The bulbs are still the same for the Turn signals. BUT the driving lamp and fog light are H1 and H2 lamps. (*scratching head i think thats right if not then they are H2 and H3)

I would opt. for the first option and wire them to your headlamp turn signals. they look sick at dusk or if you drive around with yor running lights on at night and use (like i do) my seprate driving lamps from Piaa. i think i have posted some pix…