Halo Projector Headlights picturess at night??

Alright so im kind of attracted to the 1pc Halos but i have no idea how much light they shine, i’ve been searching for awhile now i was just wondering how much light they give off compared to OEM? and the dual projectors?

Honestly, they are only ‘comparable’ if that, to your USDM lights. If you are going for better light output retrofit some HIDs. I know for a fact that the halos on those projector one pieces burn out quickly and the halos are just for looks anyways, which I think is silly.

If you really like the way they look and are not concerned about light output go ahead and drop the cash on them. Otherwise, you should consider other avenues.


Although I dont have pictures, I’ve seen them in person… They suck.

Yeah, dont do it.
I bought my car and it has a set already installed. The light output is just weird, It is consetrated but it does feel funny, kinda hard to explain. I really do not like them, and I do see condensation on them all the time. I could tell the bulb is not going to last.

I just wanna see how much light they give off, probably just keep mine and do a 9007 conversion with some nice bulbs and then get yellow fog light covers, and my drivers corner is cracked=[ but no money to fix it haha

^^ its cracked… just replace it. if u get those ugly projector ones, then that’ll replace ur cracked corner light with it. if u aren’t getting 1 pieces, whether they are jdm or aftermarket, then u should probably replace ur cracked corner lens.

take that rice off your car and put jdm lights

its not cracked to bad

i don’t want the projectors i just want to see its light ouputtttt!!!