Hand Brake Probs

Ok I did search and only found one thread which wasnt very usefull. But I replaced my rear calipers the other day and now that its all together the ebrake doesnt seem work at all. I put ebrake cables on the calipers and put the pins thru. Im not sure what could have gone wrong. Is there any way to adjust the cable on each caliper? Maybe it came loose when I put the new ones on and isnt grabbing at all

You can adjust the cables together pretty easily. Right behind the handbrake, there’s a rectangular plastic piece on the console that pops out. You’ll see two cables clamped together with a bolt in the middle. Tighten that nut as necessary.

I will try that out didnt relize it would be that easy, thought it was going to the something under the car

If they’re in place and properly connected at the brakes, the only adjustment (that I know of ) is that nut I was talking about. I think my cables are stretched though. If I really want my e-brake to work like new I have to put new brake cables in ($60 a piece i think)

my e brake cables r weird

on my e break the passenger side is longer than the other is there any way to fix that or adjust it diff. or should i just get new cables