Harbor Frieght Tools to Avoid

Some tools have worked great and others not so much.

So far here is my list that i was not satisified with:

  • ball joint service set $29.99 - not enough clearance, hammer worked better

  • hand vacuum brake bleeder $17.99 - resivoir didnt hold any vacuum due to seals of the cap.

  • suction cup - only works on very flat surfaces not to well on dents.

If you’ve had any problems or tools that didnt work let us know and why.

edit: Just to get it out of the way before everyone posts it, “you get what you pay for” . we know.

  Maybe the title should be " Tools to avoid " not to single out Harbor frieight.

there screwdrivers bend really easy and the tips twist to easily

There battery powered impact guns, Says capable to do 125 ftlb, i dont think it would do 50. Would not remove flywheel bolts.

also there wrenches snap

punch set, i broke the 8mm when doing the bitch pin. looked at the insides and its just crap pot metal.

+1 on the hand vacuum bleeder, my friend bought it for me awhile back and when i finally got to using it it sucked! the only useful thing about it is the reservoir and the hoses. thank god i didn’t pay for it, lol.

Made in China. I only buy at HF if it is a one time use tool.

Ahh, don’t start this thread… I have a set of their jack stands! They seem pretty solid though. Also have a 4 way tire iron from them, which has not broke yet.

Would not worry about the jackstands. Theres so much insurance bs that has to be done with those things. So i dont think they would skimp on the geometry of those, maybe the paint, but thats it. I also have 2 of there paint guns. They work great nothing to cheap on them. And a few stubby screwdrivers cause i cant find another brand that makes them. Also there impact sockets are decent. Same warranty as craftsman, just i think you have to send these in if they break.

The Chicago dremel thingie is crap.

Those palm held flash lights are cheap as well. They come in a set of two. Usually blue and red.

I have a race style blue car jack. Its seem a little hard to jack up the car compared to using one arm action on a regular napa brand car jack. You’ll have to use two hands and a little force on the handle to lift it up on these “light aluminum race style jacks”. I’m meduim build BTW.

So far the “dremel like rotory tool” is working good for me.

I try not to buy tools there. I only buy craftsman.

Their zip ties are phenomenal! :slight_smile:

3 Lb. Sledge Hammer

hit my frame with it two times and the head of the hammer fell to the floor. the handle was still in my hand though…

spring compressor tools - used on 2 jobs. they have shitty angle and the metal started to crack and chip off. bolts started to strip first use.13$

aluminum jack (small) - the single cylindrical wheel in the front does not spin causing the car to move as you jack it up. and the flat part that makes contact with the car strted to break apart. 89$

timing light - absolute garbage. it worked fine but it just has that feel of dollar store toys. very thin wires and cheap plastic. 12$

flaring tool - works ok but leaves marks on the brake lines. gotta tighten it a lot so the line doesnt slip 13$

screwdrivers - suck

pumps for the hydraulic press suck, cannot hold pressure

im sure theres more i cant remember now. i still shop there cause it saves me lots of money and pays off quikly with a job or 2. in time i will buy quality. you get what you pay for

If you care about your car, don’t use their torque wrenches. It snapped after torquing 80 pounds. Not the bolt. The tool.

Almost all of my hand tools are from Harbor Freight and I’ve never had an issue with any of them. Also have a press that I bought there probably close to 10 years ago that’s still working great.

their press or engine hoists is probably something i’ve seen in most backyard shops more then any other of their tools. I think their hydraulic stuff is pretty good.

A friend of mine got a tranny jack from them. It wasnt bad and we have used it a few times.

3 Lb. Sledge Hammer

hit my frame with it two times and the head of the hammer fell to the floor. the handle was still in my hand though…[/QUOTE]

That’s fcuking awesome bro… you got some strong ass kung fu grip going on there! :jerkoff: Your penis must be very happy :up: HIP HIP HOORAY!!

Thats normal for a race jack. Its the “race” part of the leverage to lift ratio in the jack. Every pump should lift the car higher than every pump on a standard jack. It may only get you 1/2 inch higher per pump though. Your supposed to also use 2 hands with a “race” jack. Your supposed to throw your body weight into it, so you get the car up faster, and have faster pit times.

Wow Really? And does it suppose to drop hard too? As if I lower the jack by spinning the handle to the left too quickly, the car would slam to the ground. (I tightened the handle on time before it hit the ground) I understand thats needed for pit stop racing. But not when doing an oil change.

They should have a disclosure on the product warning of that.