Hard Downshift

Ok I’m sure somebody has posted something about this before but I am too lazy to go and find it. But when I drove my car (it has been like this since I have got it) if I would “get on it” when I was in second it would down shift to first at about 25mph and it would bark the tires which is cool and all but now that my car is sitting in front of my house not drivable because of the fact that I have some how formed a hole in my transmission casing (I think it was just a thrown tooth) about an inch long and 1/4 of an inch wide, I don’t think it was a gear because I sealed it up the best I could for a temporary fix to try and find out the problem and it has all gears. It is an auto :auto:, but it started missing second when I would get on it, it would jus rev up and then it would go into gear, but when I was just regular driving it never missed the gear. I was wondering if that is normal or maybe the transmission is going bad. Help if you can please, this is making me sick… :vomit:

This is not going to go over well here bro. I would suggest that you search for the answers to your problem before posting. The fact that you recognize the fact that it’s probably been posted before is the very reason you should search first, instead of wasting time and bandwidth covering topics that are already covered.


I think autos have transmission filters. So you can check and chaneg the oil plus filter and install tranny cooler w/ better fluids.

Problem: shifting with an auto.


more reason to do a 5 speed swap now!

On topic (kinda) I used to do this with my Grand AM (3 speed). Shifting into first is not good at all… My transmission was busted when I got to the dealer to trade it in for my first teg… They never noticed :shrug:

:werd: X 10,000

The thing is, I didn’t downshift it myself it would downshift itself (automatic). I didn’t mess with that because I seen someone throw a gear downshift an auto so I will not do that.

oh damn… that makes a biiiig difference :up:

sry about the comments then… were you in S3 or 4?

It was in Drive, :giggle: trying to save the gas.

Try reseting transmission control unit if you have. When I reset I mean unplug it for x mount of mins and replug it in. But and see what others have to say first.

Your an idiot…

Exibit A

Exibit B

I rest my case, you deserve your tranny to be shot, sell your honda and buy a saturn.

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