Hard shifting probs

I have a problem with my box, its seems that the synchros are probably worn out due to the high Ks (200) Sometimes it is hard to get into 1st and doesnt want to slide in as it should…is there any cure for this problem?

Probably the easiest thing you can do is to change the Manual Transmission fluid. Refer to your manual, and its a pretty simple job. When was the last time you checked/changed your MTF?


Ive changed the oil about 2 weeks ago thinking that was the problem too. I put in a synthetic grade oil in to thinking it would be better to put a thinner oil in.

Hmmmm…ok. Did you happen to look at your bushings? There is one right behind the shifter. If that one is worn out (which it usually is after 10 years) you could be moving the shifter around too much causing the linkage not to line up. That could make shifting a bit harder.

I picked up a bushing set for $10 new and install on that is pretty easy too. This suggestion is the only other thing I can think of that doesn’t involve a tranny rebuild.


edit: You can tell a worn shifter bushing when you move the shifter into a gear and then keep pushing. On a worn bushing, the hole will distort and become an oval. A new one won’t distort that much at all.

Hmmm. I didnt think of that… I just hope it is that bush cos I really dont want to overhaul the box,Thanks for the help!

No prob man. Let me know if you need help installing the bushings.