Hard to find heater hose.

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I can’t use regular heater hose or even silicone hose in this spot. It’s too tight. The part isn’t available through Acura anymore.

I swear I went through 20 pages of Gates’ catalog looking for something similar. It is 8mm inside diameter.

Does anyone have any ideas what else I can try?

#5 in image.

Have you tried to cross reference with a newer model Acura or even Honda? I’m sure with Honda’s mass production they used that hose in multiple vehicles just shaped differently.

There is one that looks similar on the G3 Integra but I couldn’t get any information on what inside diameter it is.

It looks like I found one off a Mitsubishi that would work with slight modification (i.e. cutting off excess). It just arrived yesterday. I will reply with a status.

I found it via Gates again but searched via different catalog layout. If this works I’m gonna buy a lot of them.

This hose works with a little trimming. Gates 18224.



So disappointing that my favorite emoji is gone… interested to see how this turns out.

I ran the car for about 15 minutes and no leaks. I haven’t done a road test yet though.

I just replaced mine, couldnt get one from Gates or McKay in Australia, so just got some fuel line the right ID, and had to bend it a bit. It is slightly kinked, because its a straight piece of hose, but its fine, will never cause an issue.
Im sure the B18B and B20 have the same hose, just different length. Ill be looking for one at the wreckers when i next go.

BTW no issues on this line, so it works. I bought more for my hoard.