Hard to put into gear - syncro's blown?

Sometimes it’s hard for me to put into gear. Are my syncro’s on their way out?

sounds like it.

Not neccessarily, it could be your clutch wearing out…

And are you using Honda MTF or 10W30 for your tranny fluid? I’ve tried both and I tell ya, Honda’s MTF makes a hell of a difference when shifting in the cold. 10W30 however, is fine when it’s warm, but sucks like crap shifting when it’s cold.

Does it grind into gear then it’s syncro’s but if it’s just hard to put in it’s probably just the clutch not releasing properly. Does it grind in to reverse if it does then it’s the clutch problem. To fix that just put it into second or anther gear before puting it in the reverse. and if it’s hard to put into first just stick it in second then it should go into first perfectly fine.

GenIITeg: I honestly don’t know what kind of fluid. It’s time for a full tune up though, so I will be changing it with Honda MTF.

cwiniarz: It does grind in reverse and it’s hard to put into first. I’ve never tried what you said, but I’ll give it a shout :slight_smile:

Thanks guys!

pump the clutch a few times and and it sometimes goes into first easier.

Hehe, mine does the same 90gs5peed

Bet its your sincros. I replaced my clutch and it helped a bit. Not alot though. Ganna try some Redline mtf. If that doesnt help then Im ganna rebuild the bastad. But if shes a grindin in reverse and more then I wouldnt doubt on those sincros. Do pump your clutch though, also in the morning or when ever you start your car, while its warms up a bit hold the clutch in and shift through all your gears and good few times and save reverse for last, then go 5 to reverse a few times. This seems to reduce the scratchin for me.
I also scratch 2nd out of nowere bout 4+ times a week, dont like it especially if Im on it and she scratches. Just not cool, so try the pre-shifting and lemme know how it works out.

I have this problem too, do ya rekon the clutch needs adjusting?

Re: Hard to put into gear - syncro’s blown?

Originally posted by Sykes
Sometimes it’s hard for me to put into gear. Are my syncro’s on their way out?
Whens the last time you checked your MTF fluid? Put 3 qts of Redline in and that should solve that problem. Wont do anything for grinding though.

I go fourth to reverse… it never grinds anymore.