hard to start, please help!

Ok, heres the deal. First, just took my car out of storage. So this is her first drive since Oct.

Now started the car a few times, moving her around the yard etc. Worked fine. Anyways, went out for a drive. Came home. Went to start her again, alittle hessitation, then she went.

Next time I start, she’ll fire, then die, Try again, fire die. Kept doing this a few times, untill finially, I step on the gas alittle to keep the rev up, and then she stays going.

Had to do that again this morning! Anyone know whats up with this?? Possible bad gas from all winter? Otherwise shes working fine once shes running. Please let me know what you guys think. Thanks!


Bad gas is possible. Or maybe the fuel pump is going out (turn the key to the on position and listen for a click or humming noise from under your back seat, or the fuel filter’s clogged, $20 at Honda. My '70 Beetle’s doing the same thing, obviously it’s apples vs. oranges but I think it’s due to bad gas.


There’s a good chance the gas went bad - so fill it up with a fresh tank before doing anything else.

But it also sounds like the FITV (fast idle thermo valve) is sticking closed. It’s essentially a choke - it raises the idle speed until the engine warms up… when an engine’s cold it can’t idle without a choke or some kind of device to keep the RPMs up, you’re replacing this by keeping your foot on the gas.

Mine also did this yesterday & I know the gas isnt bad in it. It was just filled up less than a week ago. It took 4 times to get it to start. First time it didnt start. Second time t tried to but died. Same w/ the third after giving it a little gas. 4 time, cranked right over. Damn, the list is adding up of things I might need to replace soon.