harmonic balancer/ crank pulley

ok i just swapped my 90 engine into my 91 and the harmonic balance keeps on falling off. ive went through 3 or 4 of the keys but still it comes off. now its stuck i try to unbolt the bolt and all the bolt does is spin with the cams how do i take this off. how do i make it stay?

Try throwing it in 5th gear and make sure car is secured with jack stand and brick behind tires. then try to see if it spin when trying to break loose. I tried this when i did my timing belt and i guess my bolt was not super tight? id k but it worked for me.

if u cant get it to work u might need to get it loosen from a shop if u dont have a crank pulley bolt tool

how is your pully coming off with the pulley bolt on?

yes. what happens is i put on the pulley but in the key thing tighten it up. then i drive it like 20 miles and i here a thunk, look in the mirror and its in the road. happened 3 times

and you’re torquing it to spec?

Thats strange. He uses the pin to hold the crank from spinning freely and also using the pulley bolt yet it flies off the road? wierd

yes i dont know what going on with it. yeah its torque to specs because when the pulley comes off the bolt stays

are you using the right size bolt for this it should be held in and blocking the lil pin from moving and also the bolt has flanged to hold the pulley also how can it fly off only thing i can think of is the bolt is probably not its own. Where its flush with the pulley hole itself and still uses the pin and so when u drive it rotates and spins off?

There is suppose to be a washer on that bolt, which sounds like your problem. part #90017-PR3-003 is the part number for a new crank pulley bolt/washer. they’re around $13. Take a trip down to Acura of modesto. If they don’t have one in stock they can probably get one for you in a few days time.